Senior UK minister says Second Brexit referendum needs to be considered

chancellor Philip Hammond speaksOne of the most senior Cabinet ministers of Theresa May’s has raised the prospect of a second referendum to interrupt the Brexit deadlock, as speculation over the future of the beleaguered United kingdom prime minister and her twice-defeated divorce bill reaches excitement.

Just a day after thousands marched in central London to demand another public vote, Chancellor Philip Hammond mentioned a second vote – doubtless to be one among the alternatives to lawmakers in the coming days – was a “coherent proposition” that deserves thought.

His comments signal a transparent break from May’s perennial refusal to permit British public a second poll on Brexit, and mark the 1st time a senior Cabinet minister has spoken concerning such a move as a viable possibility.

The Chancellor confirmed parliament would vote on a series of different Brexit choices in the week, and acknowledged that might be unlikely to salvage her own plan, that lawmakers have already crushed by historic proportions on two occasions.



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