Health secretary says Brexit options “narrowing”

brexit options

The options for Brexit “are narrowing”, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has aforesaid, once MPs voted to seize management of the parliamentary timetable.

The PM was dealt a recent blow because the government was defeated by twenty seven votes on Monday, on a thought designed to seek out out the sort of deal MPs would support.

Thirty Conservative MPs rebelled, together with 3 ministers.

Mr Hancock aforesaid the govt would hear MPs but “can’t pre-commit to following no matter who they vote for.

He told Radio 4’s Todays programme that the Commons had rejected no deal and a second referendum, and urged MPs to back the PM’s Brexit deal.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, chairman of the Eurosceptic cluster of Tory MPs European Research Group (ERG), is among the cluster of pro-Brexit MPs who the prime minister has been making an attempt to influence to back her deal.

On his Conservative Home podcast, he said: “I have forever thought that no deal is best than Mrs May’s deal, however Mrs May’s deal is better than not going away in the least.”

But the Democratic Unionists, whose ten MPs sustain Mrs May’s government, urged Tory Brexiteers to still “stand firm” in their opposition to the prime minister’s deal unless there have been “significant changes”



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