Brexit: MPs to vote on the withdrawal agreement deal


Theresa May might try to get MPs to back part of her Brexit deal later, during a bid to secure a delay until 22nd May.

MPs can vote on the withdrawal agreement, which sets out the terms of the UK’s departure from the EU.

Ministers say their backing is important if Britain is to avoid a disorderly exit.

But Labor will vote against it, saying that denying MPs a say on the political declaration section of the deal, that outlines the form of future UK-EU relations, may be a “blindfold Brexit”.

Friday’s vote won’t permit Parliament to validate the whole withdrawal package, as a result of the law which permits this solely when the passage of a “meaningful vote” on each part of the deal.

The prime minister has already lost 2 such votes on the complete deal by massive margins, and Commons Speaker John Bercow had ruled out bringing the same motion back a third time without “substantial” changes.

However, the govt. says a vote on the withdrawal deal alone is going to be enough to satisfy the factors arranged down by EU leaders for the postponement of Brexit from 29th March to 22nd May.



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