Brexit: UK’s 11th hour rethink get EU nervous

The EU is closely looking at the indicative votes method within the UK parliament these days.

EU leaders would, of course, welcome a softer Brexit. it’d ease friction in post-Brexit EU-UK trade relations – however at constant time, they believe MPs are out of touch with reality.

However several Brexit choices are voted on these days within the House of Commons, EU law stipulates that there are solely 3 on the table: no deal, no Brexit, or Theresa May’s negotiated deal.

Any other style of Brexit requires the much-disliked Withdrawal Agreement – rejected yet again by MPs on Friday – to be passed 1st.

The EU is prevented by law from negotiating future trade relations with an existing member state. that’s why the united kingdom has to leave 1st so as to start out these negotiations.

EU leaders perceive the reluctance of MPs to enter into a supposed “blind Brexit”. The political declaration document, concomitant the Withdrawal Agreement, is there to convey a thought of what may come back next.



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