Israeli spacecraft, “Beresheet” crashes on the Moon after engine failure

The first mission, privately funded to the Moon has crashed on the lunar surface after its main engine failed.

The Israeli spacecraft named Beresheet, attempted a soft landing, but experience a technical problem while landing to the Moon’s surface.

The major aim of the mission was to take photos and conduct some experiments.

The Israeli’s had hoped to become the fourth country to land a spacecraft on the Moon surface.

The only people who made successful moon landings where the former Soviet Union, the US and China.

We didn’t make it, but we definitely tried,” The project originator and major backer Morris Kahn said.

I think that the achievement of getting to where we got is really tremendous, I think we can be proud,” he said.

Tensions were in the increase in the command center as communications were lost before the general manager of Israel Aerospace Indurstries’ space division, Opher Doron, announced there had been a failure in the spacecraft.

We unfortunately have not managed to land successfully,” he said.



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