Victims of Christchurch attacks honored with national memorial service

christ church memorial service

A memorial service has been held in Christchurch, New Zealand, and screened around the nation, to honor the fifty victims who were shot on 15th march.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern spoke at the televised event, in conjunction with Muslim leaders and a survivor of the attack.

Cat Stevens, British singer who converted to Islam within the 1970s also performed.

More than 20,000 folks attended the event at the city’s Hagley Park, amid tight security.

Addressing the group within the park close to the Al Noor mosque, where over forty people were killed earlier this month, Ms Ardern said New Zealand had “a responsibility to be the place we wish to be”.

“We are not immune to the viruses of hate, of fear, of other. We never have been,” she said, “but we can be the nation that discovers the cure”.



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